DM6 Buttons Theme 9700

OTA DOwnload

Square Framed Buttons Theme 9700

– Custom icons

– Jscrool home screen

OTA Download


Get the “nuked” sensation! This theme will makes your screen like a nuked bb’s screen. The startup bar as a signal meter, dynamically changes to create the nuked sensation. No icon at the homescreen makes it more realistic. Simplest theme I’ve ever made. Less then 50kb!

OTA Downloads:

8500 os 4.6

8500 os 5

8900 os 4.6

8900 os 5

9000 os 4.6

9000 os 5

9600 os 4.7

9600 os 5

9700 os 5

A very simple football fever theme.

OTA Download

A little bit unsual, a little bit naughty. A sexy one…just for the boys.

OTA Download

Updated to include theme with 2 message & calendar alerts: OTA link

Here is another quick try at a BSG theme, just trying to get the hang of this OTA link

link ota themes bb 95xx


OTA Link

OTA Link

Here is the Playstation3 game, inFAMOUS… never played it but heard it was a good game… hope u all enjoy this theme as u have my previous ones.. also added a few backgrounds that could work for u.

Theme name: inFAMOUS
Theme author: SadosDemetrios
Theme credits: RIM, inFAMOUS videogame
Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 95xx Devices
Download Link A: Light edition OTA Link
Download Link B: Dark edition OTA Link

White Carbon Fiber Version.


maaf  image tidak bisa tampil

OTA Download OS 4.7
OTA Download OS 5.0

Theme os 6 (OS 5 ONLY) OTA

Gemini 8520:
Onyx 9700:
Bold 9000:
Javelin 8900:

BBampd2 by Natemz 95xx Free theme – 6 colors

Fitur Baru:

* Sekarang berjalan pada OS 5,0
* Baru Carbon Fiber wallpaper
* Baru tersembunyi hotspot
* Screen Transisi
* UI perangkat tambahan di
* Baru ditambahkan versi Silver

BBampd2 Silver OTA

BBampd2 Red OTA

BBampd2 Blue OTA

BBampd2 Pink OTA

BBampd2 Green OTA

BBampd2 Orange OTA

Graphical Storm II (95xx)

Posted on Agustus 25, 2010 by jemyu | Sunting

This theme has 5 home screen icons and they are all free

OTA Download OS 4.7
OTA Download OS 5.0

Gant Dragon

Posted on Agustus 26, 2010 by jemyu | Sunting

gant dragon

source :

link ota

hey guys!
here’s my update. it’s a mix between seven and vista (some icons…). untuk bold 9000


themes new,…..

Posted on Oktober 6, 2010 by jemyu | Sunting

Droid Themes For Pearl, 8300, Gemini, Bold, Tour, Huron, Storm, Javelin

June 19th, 2010 by ahwang | Comments Off | Filed in BB Themes, Themes Bold 9000, Themes Curve 83xx, Themes Gemini 85xx, Themes Huron 88xx, Themes Javelin 89xx, Themes Pearl 81xx, Themes Storm 95xx, Themes Tour 9630

Pearl 8100 :

Curve 8300 :

Gemini 8500 :

Huron 8800 :

Javelin 8900 :

Bold 9000 :

Storm 9500 :

Tour 9630 :

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Life in Technicolor Themes for Onyx

June 19th, 2010 by ahwang | Comments Off | Filed in BB Themes, Themes Bold 9700 Onyx

Transporter Themes for Javelin Tour & Onyx

June 19th, 2010 by ahwang | Comments Off | Filed in BB Themes, Themes Bold 9700 Onyx, Themes Javelin 89xx, Themes Tour 9630

OTA Download for Onyx, Javelin, Tour :

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DroidSlide. 16 icons with Hidden Dock Themes for Onyx, Tour, Javelin,

June 19th, 2010 by ahwang | Comments Off | Filed in BB Themes, Themes Bold 9700 Onyx

Blackberry Curve 8900

Blackberry Tour

Blackberry Bold 9700

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