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Puppy Tweets connects you to your pooch

When I first got my pug I wondered a lot if he continued to whine and bark the entire time I was gone as he did when I was first leaving.  As a puppy that dog knew exactly how to make me feel horribly guilty.  This Puppy Tweets tag will let you know all sorts of information about your pet throughout the day.  Although instead of just listing the facts, you’ll be viewing incredibly sappy phrases to keep you updated.

Every single time your dog moves, barks or naps it’s automatically detected by the tag.  It has a WiFi signal that allows for it to tweet the information.  It has over 500 different sickening sweet phrases.  Things like “I bark because I miss you.”  Yes, they are very serious.  You can purchase the quick set for $29.95 in baby blue through X-Treme Geek.  You won’t have to pick up any extra batteries either, since the CR2032 button cell battery is included.

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