Free (OTA Links/Websites, click “more” for full description)
AOL Instant Messenger (more)
AutoLock (more)
AvantGo (more)
BBCorrector (more)
BBLight (more)
BBToday (more)
BBWeather (more)
Berry-a-Code (more)
Berry Bloglines (more)
BerrySearch (more)
Beyond 411 (more)
Bing (more)

BlackBerry Maps (more)

BlackBerry Messenger (more)
Blackberry Video Converter (more)
Blackberry Web Shortcuts (more)
Chronograph/Timer (more)
Color Pearl (more)
CountDown Timer (more)
Facebook for BlackBerry (more)

Free games –
FreeRange WebReader (more)

FXConverter (more)

Golftraxx 8800 or Curve (more)

Google Services (more)
Google Talk (more)

GridMagic (more)

InfoSpace Find It! (more)
InstaSpell App and InstaSpell Dictionary (more)
jmIRC (more)
LexSpell (more)
Maufait Mobile (more)
MidpSSH (more)
MLBTracker (more)
MobileGCAL (more)
Mobylo! MultiAlarm (more)
MultiPlay (more)
MyAlarm (more)

Nav4All (more)

NFLTracker (more)
Opera Mini™ (more)
QuickCompose (more)
QuickNote (more)
Reply As New(more)
SoftReset (more)
Stock Viewer (more)
TellMe (more)
Twitterberry (more)
Virtual Reach Mobile/ Viigo (more)
Wikipedia Front End (more)
WXSYS On Demand – Local (more)
WXSYS On Demand – Marine (more)
xPlayer (more)
Yahoo! Go (more)
Yahoo Messenger (more)

Not free (Trial/Pay/Subscription)
Add To Calendar (more)
Ascendo DataVault (more)
Ascendo Money (more)
Ascendo Photos (more)
AudibleAir (more)
BBSmart Email Viewer (more)
bplay (more)
Berry Pix (more)
BerryDialer (more)
BlackBerry Profile Scheduler (more)
BlackBerry Video Generator (more)
Brain Up (more)
CryptMagic (more)
eOffice (more)

FlipSide (more)

Follow-Up! (more)
HTML Email Viewer Beta (more)
IdeaMatrix (more)
Idokorro Mobile File Manager (more)
Idokorro Mobile Admin (more)
IM+ (more)
iMobileMail (more)
JiveTalk (more)
Magic Mail (more)
MasterDoc (more)
Medieval Kings Chess 2 (more)
Minisafe (more)
Mobiola Studio (Video Converter) (more)
Mobylo!QuickResponse (more)
NextAction! (more)
Notifier (more)
PearlCast (more)
Pocketday (more)

RDM+ (more)
Repligo (more)
Spot (more)
Sudoku (more)
Telenav (more)
Texas Hold’em 2 (more)
ToDo Matrix (more)
trackIT: Custom Edition (more)
trackIT: Expense Edition (more)
trackIT: Vehicle Edition (more)
VibAndRing (more)

WXSYS On Demand – Aviation (more)

xColorEvent for BB Pearl (more)
Yak On! (more)

Zagat To Go (more)


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